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Slim design with 6 spectral composition choices for versatile use. Designed for close-proximity cultivation. UL-rated for wet locations. Full rotation enabled with RAY bracket. The RAY44 Slim Multipurpose LED Grow Light Bar is perfect for side lighting over a 4-foot area. .


The Ray 44 of Fluence Bio-engeneering (formerly BML) is one of the three high-quality LED beams in the Ray series. It is an exceptional quality grow lamp with properties that are particularly suitable for use in low rooms and as a light source for side lighting. This is because the Fluence Ray LED grow lights, with the aid of the 120o lens technology, are able to distribute the light evenly over a large culture surface. As a result, hotspots do not occur anywhere and these grow lights can be suspended up to a very small height above (or if desired) the plants. Particularly as a light source for illuminating the sides of your plants, these LED beams are very suitable. Professional gardeners have established that the lighting and lighting through the crop (intra-canopy use) induces the plants to a significantly higher moisture absorption. And the higher the moisture absorption, the more nutrients are transported through the roots to the leaves and the fruits. This makes the Fluence Ray LED beam a particularly useful light source in addition to the HPS or the LED lighting that is already above your plants.

The Fluence Ray LED beams are manufactured per model in six highly specialized spectral variants. We have opted for the models with the PhysioSpec Indoor Spectrum because this spectrum is optimized for super-fast growth and full development of crops that are grown indoors.

The Fluence Ray LED bars are programmable with the Solunar Controller. This allows the light intensity to be adjusted to the specific growth phase your plant is in and you can use the timer to mimic the sunrise and sunset to prevent sudden light transitions, and thus stress. Each Fluence Ray comes with power, cables and other materials that are needed to immediately use these LED beams.

- Consumption: 70 - 85 watts
- Recommended height: from 15 cm distance to the plant
- Spectrum: PhysioSpec Indoor
- Scope: 112 x 40 cm
- Burning hours: + 50,000
- Weight:
- Dimensions: 112 x 5 x 2.5 cm